What is Stamping Nail Art?

What is Stamping Nail Art?

It is an innovative do-it-yourself (DIY) nail art that is not as complex and difficult as the existing methods of using brushes. It entails selecting the pattern that one wants from various image plates and easily moving them to fingernails using the stamping method.


– Easy to use for everyone, anywhere
– To do DIY nail art quickly & easily
– To show off unique nail designs for your self
– To have technician-finished quality can be created by anyone
– To decorate your nails delicate designs with Reasonable price
– To decorate various surface as Mobile Phone, Accessory and Glassy

How to do Stamping nail Art

Stamping Nail Art Introduction(with normal polish)

Stamping Nail Art Introduction(with gel polish)

How to do Stamping Nail Art

STEP 1. Apply polish on the nail and let it dry. (Before stamping nail art on gel nail, clean uncured gel with cleanser after curing)
STEP 2. Apply KONAD special nail polish on the top of the desired image in plate. (For Stamping Nail Art, KONAD Special Polish must be used only.)
STEP 3. Make a scraper leaned over 45 degrees and scrape excessive polish off quickly and strongly from the inside to outside.
STEP 4. Before the image dries, press softly the desired image with a gentle rolling.
STEP 5. Check the image moved onto stamp
STEP 6. Press moved image onto your nail with a gentle rolling.
STEP 7. Apply top coat. It helps long lasting image and color on your nail. (Curing with gel top coat if you stamp image on gel nail)
STEP 8. Delicate Stamping Completed!

※ You can remove polish remains on the Image Plate, Stamp and Scraper with cotton saturated by nail remover.